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All Random Acts of Kindness will be listed here so that members may stay informed as to the activities of the association.

Donation to Yayasan Widya Guna Bali Children Home and Education Centre - July 2010

On a private trip to Bali two Random members visited a local children's home and education centre and made a private donation providing 2 months of education, accommodation and food for two children. Over 90 children live and study there from very impoverished families. Their first child is about to graduate and is about to travel to Canada to study medicine.

Support to Primary School to assist child with behavioural difficulties stay in School - May 2010

A Random member became aware of a particularly difficult child at a Primary School in the North East of Melbourne. There was a real risk due to the child's behaviour that they would be excluded from school. The school was unsuccessful in getting the necessary funding for teacher support. Random provided this funding, $580.00, which enabled the teacher support to continue to the end of term and thus enabling the child to complete this terms education at school.

School fees paid for two years to child in East Timor - March 2010

By way of a TV news story and newspaper article a group of Random members provided financial and material support for a mother and child so that the child could attend School. The father an international official had returned to his country without accepting any responsibility for his child. Random Acts of Kindness decided that a small contribution to this child's education might make a huge difference in the child's life.

Donation to family living out of their car - November 2009.

A Random member had observed over several weeks a family, who appeared to be living out of their station wagon, attending the local pool to clean and shower. Out of his own pocket he left an envelope with money wishing them all the best.

Donation to tuk-tuk driver in Cambodia- September 2009.

Two Random members, whilst traveling together in Cambodia met a tuk-tuk driver whose guitar had been stolen. He was unable to afford another - his one great love lost... After talking with him about life, they not only discovered that they all shared a passion for one music artist in particular, but that this man spends his week away from his wife and child to try and make enough money to provide for them in their village. The two members decided to purchase a new guitar for him, feeling that this would improve his quality of life whilst away from his loved ones. Thanks to this small act - this man still makes music.

Trampoline for Children’s Residential House – Department of Human Services - Out of Home Care, September 2009

The Department of Human Services, North Western Metropolitan Region provides care to traumatised children in the Child Protection system. Random Acts of Kindness purchased a trampoline for the children living within one of these residential homes. Research shows that trampolines are not only lots of fun, but help to develop coordination and rhythmic activity. Bouncing can assist traumatised children and young people to improve self regulation which in turn can assist with brain development. Four of Random's members kindly donated their time to put the trampoline together for the children.

Support for Foster Carer in Child Reunification Case – Anglicare Victoria - Out of Home Care, September 2009.

Random Acts of Kindness provided financial support to Anglicare Victoria's Foster Care Programme to support two carers to travel interstate to visit a child who had been in their care as part of a reunification process. The act helped to minimise the detrimental effects of broken attachments that can take place during children's transitions from one placement to another. We wish the carers and the child the very best in the future.

Orana Family Services - Out of Home Care - June / September 2009

Orana Family Services is a not for profit organisation in the North West region of the state of Victoria, Australia, providing care to children who are not able to live with their families.

Financial support two children in care to assist with the purchasing of clothes - September 2009

Random acts were able to provide timely support for two children where funds were not available to provide much needed clothes - caused by adolescent growth spurt!

Art Supplies for Children’s Art Project - June 2009

The organisation held a creative arts and talent morning where the children presented their work. Random Acts of Kindness donated 21 art canvasses for the children to express their stories.

Family Support for Bush Fire Victims – February 2009

On Saturday February 7th 2009 (referred to as Black Saturday) many Australians in the state of Victoria were traumatised by the loss of life and property in Australia's worst natural disaster. Random Acts of Kindness provided support to one family (and their friends) who were directly impacted by the disaster with the loss of their home and personal belongings. A gift of $1500.00 was made directly to the family. Prime Focus Consulting provided debriefing, along with Mary Utter of Artistic Expressions who delivered a targeted intervention for their youngest daughter. Further John Di Flumeriat [email protected]  used his photography talents to capture the family's loss. This was presented to them as a photographic journal of their experience.

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Angus Wurth at Bonsai Media, brought our vision to reality with the design of the Random Acts of Kindness logo and webpage. Without Angus and his team's support we would still be an idea!